November 27, 2018

How can I get stoma collars?

By Jeana Scroggins

Stoma collars are used to prevent stoma leakage. Patients need to put them between the skin and the stoma, and it in turn creates a collar. This is to create a barrier that prevents the output from coming out and touching the skin, in order to avoid irritation and peristomal skin issues. This is a big problem with ostomates, and irregularities will arise through the remodeling of skin, the pressure from the devices, changes in habits, and of course, adjacent scar tissue. This can oftentimes create contours that arise early, so you might need dressings or pastes to compensate for the contours.

But, where do you get them?

Well, for starters, it might not be good for everyone. Those with thick stool, for example, don’t benefit from using them since the device is attached a certain way.  They must be placed in direct contact with the skin before the wafer is placed, or they remain above the wafer.

Now, to figure this out, you want to find the right wafer that works for you. You want to make sure that you choose the right adhesive that’ll stick to your skin despite sweat and other grime that might be there.

You might want to consider stoma collars for herniated stomas since this will help with collecting the stool and preventing a pancake near the upper area which might start to leak near your flange.  The collar for the stoma is best used for this since they’re made to prevent leaks. The collars can be used to stop any leakage, even if the stoma isn’t herniated  They come in a few sizes, but the one downside is they’re not adjustable, so the proper size needed for comfort and efficiency might vary.

The best way to find a stoma collar for you is to look for convatec ostomy supplies. They know about the stoma appliances, and they’re available with a prescription. The accessories are used to stop leaks, to remove adhesives, and to protect peristomal skin.  The nurse will need to ascertain the accessories needed, and help you find it.  The best way to get one of these is to ask your nurse for one.

You should make sure that you don’t waste these products, but you should know how to use this on the appliance, so it doesn’t leak.  You might need to see a stoma specialist or a stoma care nurse help you find the right one for you and get the education that you need as necessary.  This is definitely something which you may consider if you’re looking to get a stomal collar, and you might need something for either leakage or a skin breakdown as well.

But you should learn to understand that stomal collars are definitely not something you can get on your own, and they do cost a little bit of money. They can get pricey, but if you talk to your nurse about this so you can get the help as needed, and the assistance that you want.  You owe it to yourself to have a good experience with your stoma and to make this work for you in a simple, yet effective manner as well.