Month: November 2018

November 27, 2018

How can I get stoma collars?

Many ostomates, who suffers from the leakage problem, use stoma collars. It can control the leakage of discharge from the pouch. You have to place it between the stoma and skin. You make a collar around the opening, and it stops the waste from coming out. 

Because of the stoma collar, you can save your peristomal skin from any type of disease caused by the contact of discharge. It works as a barrier and prevents the solid and liquid waste from touching your skin around the opening. Thus, it protects the health of stoma and peristomal skin.

Up to 73%  of ostomates face peristomal irritant dermatitis disease. This is one of the most notable skin complications caused due to the contact of discharge with skin. Thus, you need to stop the leakage from coming out of the ostomy pouch. For this purpose, you should use stoma collars.

For the health of stoma skin, you should review your appliances. The special too is adhesive, your poor adhesion can cause severe damages to the peristomal. Moreover, if you have irregular skin surface around the opening, it can damage the shape of the stoma. Well, a balanced and healthy skin surface contours the surroundings of the opening. The irregularity can have several reasons. It could be, change in your diet, poor appliances, leakage, damaged tissues of stoma and skin around it, weight gain or loss, the pressure of the stoma tools, change in cleaning and emptying tools, or change in the habits.

For a healthy and regular skin surface around the stoma, you should not compromise on the ostomy appliances. If you are using a low-quality adhesive, then do change it. Moreover, the stoma collar can help you here. You should get this tool, and place it in between your skin and stoma. It will secure the adhesive and stop the leakage.

How to Get the Best Stoma Collar for You?

Before buying the stoma collar for your opening, you should consider the following points. They can help you in getting the best for you. Moreover, you will gain some knowledge regarding stoma collar, if you are unfamiliar with this tool or a new ostomate.

You Should Examine the Stoma Size and Type Before Buying the Stoma Collar

Every ostomate has a different size and shape of the stoma. However, a common stoma is round or oval, pink or red, 30 or 35mm in diameter. This is a usual opening shape, color, and size. Moreover, ileostomy and urostomy stoma are in the same place and of the same size. They both appear on the left of the iliac fossa. The difference is their output. Ileostomy discharges solid waste, whereas urostomy excretes urine. Urostomy stoma is permanent, while ileostomy can be permanent or temporary, depends on the disease. Well, the urostomy stoma is about 28 to 30mm in diameter. 

Thus, you should have a different stoma collar for the urostomy or ileostomy openings. Well, in a few patients the urostomy stoma is 25mm in diameter, Therefore, you cannot wear the same sized collar. Thus, before buying a stoma collar for your opening, you should know the actual size. Otherwise, it cannot control the leakage. The tight one can exert pressure on the stoma, and it can cause a blockage. Moreover, the loose or oversized stoma collar can leak. Both situations could be inevitable and problematic.

Is it Suitable for Your Stoma?

Every ostomy patient is not suitable for the stoma collar. Many patients discharge thick stool; therefore, there is no point of leakage or the use of a stoma collar.

An Appropriate Wafer for the Stoma Collar

For the best use of stoma collar, you should have a suitable wafer with your convatec colostomy bag. A wafer has an adhesive, softener, and hydrocolloid. It works as a barrier; therefore, before buying a collar, you should know either you need it or not. Some barriers absorb the moisture from the skin. In this case, you should use a collar. Moreover, you can ask for help from your nurse regarding the appropriate appliances and Stoma collar.