Month: September 2017

September 22, 2017

Two Piece Ostomy Bags: All About them

An ostomy bag which is two-piece is a variant of the ostomy appliances that are there, with the other being a bag which is one piece the primary difference is one will go directly to the peristomal skin.  When you use a one-piece, the adhesive is directly on the bag, whereas the two pieces are separate.

In the one-piece ones, there is a pouch and a barrier that’s put on the body and acts as one system.  The system which is two pieces is typically used with a wafer that attaches to the stoma, and then the appliance.  And then of course the flange you use to put the pouch on.  The beauty of a two-piece is you can change this without interrupting the system.  This doesn’t need to be changed as much and it can be worn during swimming and other activities. This short pouch is also easy to snap together, and you can replace and pop off the system as needed.

You don’t have to remove the waver with the system that is two pieces, which is cool. It literally clicks on and presses, and that makes it simple to use.

This does fit a little bit different, since the plate may be put on in a different manner, and usually, you can leave this on for a few days. Once you need to change it, you just have to put the bag on there.  The system with two pieces also is much more secure, and you can hear a clicking sound when you secure it.

Some pouch systems are made to be changed on the daily, while others are every 3-7 days or so.  You should follow the same principles regardless of the system, and make sure to do this gently. Use warm water as needed, or adhesive remover if it’s stuck. 

From there, ash that area of the skin gently with water and a washcloth or soft paper towels. You don’t need to use soap, however. You should avoid products which contain alcohol, and premoistened wipes or towelettes since this can cause irritation and interfere with the skin adherence.

When doing this, you should definitely be very careful because while it doesn’t have any nerve endings, if you’re too rough, it can cause trauma to the skin as well. Once you’ve prepped and cleared the skin up, apply the skin barrier, and then apply the pouching system.

And there you have it. An ostomy system. It’s that simple the cool thing about the two-piece versions is that you can remove the bag without detaching the barrier, which in turn reduces the incidence of skin irritation, inflammation, and of course infection, where are very common with two-piece bags.

You should definitely take some time to learn which works best for you and make sure to reduce the trauma as much as you can.  There is a lot of benefits to this as well, and if you use this to protect the irritants, it’ll help with improving the body, and of course the skin as well.